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Private Meditation Sessions

One on one, 60 minute Meditation Session

Meditation calms the mind by increasing blood flow and slowing the heart rate subsequently reducing stress and healing the body. 

​One hour individual sessions are available. Instruction on how to meditate followed by 30 minute Guided Meditation. $40 for a 1 hour session. Please call Sylvia Hofmann MA LPC at 856-834-3709 to make an appointment. Some insurances cover services. Please call with any questions.


We all need a little help, especially when starting something new. Attending a guided meditation session in a group can allow you an immediate and positive experience of meditation.

Guided Meditation is a great way to unwind from a busy day. The focus is to provide a relaxing experience that assists in letting go of any lingering stress or anxiety in order to enter the evening fresh, rejuvenated,  and relaxed. We will use ambient music and spoken guidance by the teacher in order to create an atmosphere that is peaceful. This session doesn’t include a formal lesson but begins with the teacher checking in with those in attendance, then leading the group into a relaxed, concentrated heightened state of awareness. Within the context of the session, there is time towards the end for silent meditation to allow students to take things in whatever direction feels best for them. Great for beginners or experienced meditators. Meditation will be approximately 45 minutes.