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Wellness Center




Pre-registration with full payment will ensure a spot be held for any of our workshops.  Workshops are non-refundable, however, If you wish to cancel you must do so 48 hours in advance to receive a credit to your account.

Class Cancellation & Missed Class:

Any class cancellations must be received 24 hrs in advance to not be forfeited.  Any classes missed will be considered forfeited as well.  Forfeited class cannot be refunded or transferred to another class.

Studio Etiquette:

Hands on Adjustments:

Our teachers offer physical assists to encourage proper alignment during class.  If you do not want the teacher to physically adjust you please let him/her know before class.

Injuries or Pre-Existing Medical/Physical Conditions:

For your safety, please inform your teacher of any injuries, pre-existing medical conditions or physical limitations you may have so they can teach and assist you accordingly.

Arrive On Time:

Please be courteous of class start time and arrive 5 minutes early.   The first few minutes of class are dedicated to inward reflection, centering and focusing, when someone arrives late it disrupts this sacred time for everyone else.

Leaving Early:

If you need to leave early from class please inform your teacher in advance so that they can dismiss you before the final relaxation as it is a time of silence and stillness for everyone else.

Personal Hygiene:

Be mindful of those around you and come to class with clean clothes and body, and please refrain from applying perfume or sprays prior to class.

Cell Phones:

Silence your cell phones at all times throughout the studio.



We are happy to supply you with blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters free of charge.  If you pre-register for a class we will have a spot set up for you prior to your arrival.  We also, pick up props after class and clean them between each use.